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Halloween Trouble 4 Game

Halloween Trouble 4 Halloween Trouble 4 Halloween Trouble 4

Overview of Halloween Trouble 4

Ironcode Gaming ushers in the spine-chilling sequel to Halloween Trouble 3 with the all-new Halloween Trouble 4! When famed detective and adventure-seeker Neera receives an invitation to visit the mysterious Witch Forest, she eagerly accepts despite rumors of the evil magic within. The first sign of trouble comes as she checks in to what appears to be nothing more than an old, run-down house in the middle of the dark forest, but the lackluster accommodations are just the beginning. Neera soon finds herself facing off against a powerful witch and desperately searching for the fabled Time Orb. This ancient artifact could spell prosperity or disaster for the frightened inhabitants of the forest. Destiny is calling, so gather all your courage for this harrowing Match-3 adventure! [Release date: Nov 7, 2022][18]

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