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World Mosaics 5 Game

World Mosaics 5 World Mosaics 5 World Mosaics 5

Overview of World Mosaics 5

World Mosaics 5 is about the origin of the glyphs solve super intelligent composite picture game, you have become an apprentice in chronology, learning to solve pictographical puzzles. Will you complete all your classes? The specific circumstances and tasks for: the world of Atlantis after the restoration of museums in the world you may be Mosaic admitted to the university and become time of the apprentice, you taking your course at the same time to learn to solve a series of origin hieroglyphs puzzles, and these words have the puzzles in October carnival, it is for the four before), and at the same time and the Chinese New Year, the world and some of the festival he place about the origin of the series of mystery waiting for you to solve, these for yao son game from the simple to the complex, need you have enough patience and confidence, if in the world Mosaic the puzzle of the success you may well succeed with education to finish your course, you need through carefully observation and thinking seriously to solve a series of text difficult problem In the puzzle about in the two plates on the right is mainly the instructions of the game plate and record button score and fork shallow system to alert you of the mistakes, so that you change in time, when a fork, red light of hou said you appear mistake, a total of eight fork number, noted in the top right corner you game program, and four light bulb like said scores, the light bulb is BaiGuangShi said the score, scores and as a percentage of the form, and flashlight like mark symbol says click yellow said left click on, blue said right click, the bottom right hand corner is select key and back to the desktop, and on the left, you will need to complete the task sector was the main area of the instructions to learn to spell out the key click on specific graphical to complete your mission, the left is a mystery digital, the right side is the mystery is among you only digital puzzle square model, first observing and thinking to solve can reduce and avoid the mistakes made, the form of digital appeared faintly mystery waiting for you to solve it, step by step, like exploring the mystery of the text of your intelligence test, procedures include roughly three steps were setsubun, famous birthdays, New Year day balloon, success 'will have a sense of achievement, a complete your course and work hard to solve complex problems, become a chronologist. [Release date: Dec 26, 2011][1253]

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