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Smiling Pasta Game

Smiling Pasta Smiling Pasta Smiling Pasta

Overview of Smiling Pasta

Daisy is a positive girl and she is fond of making pasta. Sha likes smile and have a happy life with her smile or positive attitude. Everybody besides her all like her. She always making different kinds of pasta and she thinks that making pasta is a happy bussiness. Now she is working at a restaurant called Smiling Pasta. The chef at this restaurant is a kindly old man named Uncle Leo. He is a wonderful chef and his pasta is famous in local. So there are many people like to come Smiling Pasta to enjoy the delicious pasta. Uncle Leo is going to Italy in a few days to learn more knowledge. He says that Daisy is one of the finest chef he has even seen. So he is going to promote her as the chef. However, Daisy worries about the year's Best Restaurant Award. Because the Smiling Pasta always wins the top spot as Uncle Leo. Uncle Leo tells her that don't worry about it. As he is full confident that she will manage to impress the jury with her cooking. After Uncle Leo leaving, Daisy begins her first day as the chef of Smiling Pasta. Do you want to know how Daisy manages the restaurant? Do you want to manage the restaurant with Daisy? Let us dive in Smiling Pasta.
When you enter the Smiling Pasta you will find that it is a soft place. The fittings of restaurant give you a feeling of home and the music also makes you feel comfortable and happy. In order to take good care of Smiling Pasta, Daisy must work hard to manage it. Now you are going to manage restaurant with Daisy by using your outstanding ability. The most important point in management is that serve the pasta before a customer's patience runs out. Because it will become the key to manage restaurant successfully. So you must provide satisfactory services as quickly as possible after customers order the pasta. Don't worry about anything because it is a simple work. Ingredients required to prepare the pasta will be shown, so you just click and match three or more ingredients to prepare the pasta. The more pasta you sell, the more customers will come here. You must do your work in time or you will become the finest chef like Uncle Leo. Help Daisy run the business and turn a tidy profit to keep the corporate goons from winning in this challenging Time Management game. Upgrade the restaurant and keep your clients content to save Smiling Pasta. It is a fun game play with exciting action, wonderful wallpapers and vivid music, you will love it. [Release date: Aug 16, 2011][3392]

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