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Overview of Pioneer Lands

American's Old West is a mysterious land. It is a place which has many secrets and lots of unknown treasure-trove. It is a place with beautiful scenery, fresh air and a variety of plants. Different kinds of trees and bushes are living there and they make the land becomes wasteland. It is said that you will have a good harvest if you plant in there. Besides, you will become rich at there as long as you dig up the treasure. So for many years more and more people are eager to conquer the lands. As is known to all, it is so formidable that no one reaches there successfully. In fact, the lands needs a man who has really extraordinary ability to conquer it. So do you have interest in it? Maybe you are the best candidate. If you are fond of it you will become the first man who reach there successfully. Furthermore, you will have a chance to become rich and have a happy life. It would be more accurate to say that the process of pioneer lands Game is an exploration because there will be more obstacles you should to overcome. If you have enough courage and have ready for your exploration just do it.
Welcome to the American's Old West and an incredible exploration is beginning. It is an amazing game play with incredible excitement. You will find that you enter a unique world you have never seen. It is a glamorous place which is have lush grass, blue sky and lively animals. Although it is a place like the Garden of Eden, don't immersed yourself in there and don't forget your tasks. You will have a farm with a farmhouse to pioneer your lands. Grain is your fist resouce and you should try your best to harvest it. Harvest more grain in the field, while the flour is being produced and it will give you more chance to success. Try to complete the level in record time, so that you can improve your settlement and have more challenging levels you will face up to. Conquer America's Old West in this unique Strategy game. Take on tasks and completely take over the Pioneer Lands Game. Become one of the brave pioneers who made the long journey to explore the unknown side of America. Full of danger and adventure, your mission is to pave the way for future travelers and overcome countless obstacles. Bring your intelligence, time management ability and perseverance to pioneer your own new world! [Release date: Aug 10, 2011][4725]

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