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Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed & Forgotten Game

Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed & Forgotten Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed & Forgotten Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed & Forgotten

Overview of Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed & Forgotten

Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed & Forgotten is a island adventure, fantasy, mysterious super exciting game, you alone drift in the boundless sea by boat, the mist is very heavy, everything around with a telescope detection, everything was strangely quiet ah, and no abnormalities, ah, unfortunately ships suddenly crash, with a strong voice, when you wake up I do not know how the case is thrown in a mysterious island, and be a powerful forces under a curse, the curse let you can't leave this mysterious island, even if you struggle to it, although the lush island, a beautiful but authority and heavy, risk is very big, want to know a quiet beautiful implicit in history, you have to adventure to explore you was under a secret, solve a series of authority and problems you get the release, and at the same time the population of the island, they are up to no good, they always lurking in a secret location attempt to damage against you, once they found you, you will probably be they destroyed, so you want to quickly find time in their before you find out you was under a secret, managed to escape from the mysterious dangerous island. How can you break down in your curse? Find out the source of evil curse left the treacherous island, find the way home, and all are in time before.
The game every scene got some noisy objects inside the implied the mantra of the secret under you need to be careful to explore solve one might find out which you have secret key, in the edge of rock some objects including: hat, filled goblet, lamp, wreath, harp, ghost, boot, crystals, snake, turtle fragment, etc, you need one test them, watts jar jar may hide you need secret, and of the shelf objects, can you see the silhoutette of an object there. Can you solve them? And noisy object you want the cobwebs, both skilled and patience for there to just go, in the stone floor some items, including palette, crescent, spear, spray, brooch, telescope, trumpet, pair of deer, letter W, matryoshka, holster, click with the mouse the found secret right, novel and unpredictable, rotate square authority, find out useful graphics, whether the cliff or other authorities to try, drop rope steps is very interesting, hanging a mysterious object line, it is a big box is also implied secret, try to find the key, the final checkpoint, smooth home. [Release date: Jan 1, 2012][4677]

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