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Halloween Trouble 3 Game

Halloween Trouble 3 Halloween Trouble 3 Halloween Trouble 3

Overview of Halloween Trouble 3

The trouble continues with Halloween Trouble 3! After many years, Jane is returning home to celebrate Halloween with her friends. But when she steps inside her old house, she’s shocked to find it completely empty! Even the furniture is gone! With Jane in a bind, her friend Milli is ready to step up and help, but they’ll also need your help to get everything ready in time for Halloween! Join Jane and Milli in this fun, family-friendly Match-3 game. Play the way you want – timed, move-limited, or endless. Choose your difficulty and graphics quality. Play or skip the mini-games. With so many options to fit your gameplay style, it’ll leave you howling for more! [Release date: Oct 25, 2021][162]

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