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Shattered Minds: Masquerade Game

Shattered Minds: Masquerade Shattered Minds: Masquerade Shattered Minds: Masquerade

Overview of Shattered Minds: Masquerade

Shttered minds :Masquerade, an incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Stop the villainous Visage from ruining Mardi Gras in Shattered Minds: Visage has unleashed a fog that has wiped away the faces of everyone in town. As Visage wreaks havoc on New Orleans, the Boudreaux family, who were thought to be long dead when their mansion burned down, has returned to take revenge on the town. Learn the dark secret of Visage and the Boudreaux family and stop them once and for all.
The game menu a total of five chapter for casino, greenhouse, respectively in the gallery, hotel, theatres, and paddleboat hidden object scene and little game is usually random your solution may be different.You will have the option of some interactive help.,Talk to Officer Lafayette,.Look at the man on the sidewalk and remove his hat,Open his hand and take the 1/5 $200 gold chip,Select the decoration on the sidewalk for a mini game .You will have the option of some interactive help.,Try to talk to Visage Locate all the items on the list.,Look at the turnstile and use the ticket in the slot Look at the chair, lift the seat and take the light bulb,Look at the floorboards and use theprybar to remove the board Select the sewer canal for ahos,Find the 16/20 Illusion Object Look at the wall and use the BRUSH to clean the dust.Use the metal bars to repair the ladder Walk forward up the stairs,Chase the specter through the mirrors click on the mirrors in numerical order (1 to 4).,Locate all the items on the list.,Exit the room and enter the door on the left.Exit the room and enter the door on the left.,Look at the door on the left and use the bug spbay on the web.Find the 19/20 Illusion Object Locate all the items on the list.Look at the deer head and use the lacrosse stick to get the letter openner ook at the table and use the molecul,saon the microscope,Click on the colored lights until the pattern matches the one in the microscope,Look at the box and use the fury gem on the indentation, Look at the box and use tPlace the portrait pieces into the frame,he sadness gem on the indentation ,Find the sequence that has all the buttons stay pushed in.Talk to Visage,Move the pipe pieces to connect the 4 pipe outlets. [Release date: Dec 28, 2011][3360]

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