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Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower Game

Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower

Overview of Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower

Monument builders: the Eiffel Tower, was an amazing time management game, in honor of the construction of the Eiffel Tower, you have been new lucky elected building the Eiffel Tower of the building great master, you through a time tunnel incredible time travel, witnessed the historic construction spectacle, the whole scene occurred in the 19 th century Paris, you want to visit incredible construction site, took time deadlines for you to succeed, a construction management and time management master, what is there against it affair.
This famous sex building design test your management ability to, the whole construction scene is how wonderful exciting ah, the choice of the construction site, preliminary planning how to construction, on the drawing depicting out your building design and drawing you can begin the construction need people think, with harmony, relaxed and happy of music, believe you will do very well, construction site has charactizing a simple and residents, beautiful environment the trees are green, you will be happy and successful completed the task. You not only to supervise the whole construction process to make it smooth, tension and orderly finish, but don't let the construction site confused because of the material's car coming and going there will be afraid of the traffic accident, be careful of ah, and tried to think of try to let it after completion of the sample is yao to famous up and improve the construction visibility so you must conscientiously careful supervision and thinking about the details of each construction let it become more perfect, in the whole construction process you need a lot of construction materials such as the hammer, saw, gear, brick, cement and required construction machinery, etc. The carriage but the transportation of materials in the construction of the important tool, the building materials how transportation is also a problem, so you first thought local economic development construction, let nearby residents rich have the ability for your construction path, you need to rebuild and build good gridlocked the road, so that these materials unimpeded to the construction site, the road seems to be building of the construction of the key, you need a menu item you can choose any, another window will show you above construction process, and give your operating hints, etc. The whole construction scene grandiose, had better not disturb the residents, the construction management is actually a very orderly process, you not only to finish to keep the whole construction process joyful pass, this needs your humanity management, including exclusive your office so that you grasp the macro construction process. [Release date: Dec 27, 2011][2657]

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